Yan excites with Flavours in Great British Bake Off 2017

Great British Bake Off Week 3

Signature Challenge

The first challenge of Bread Week is 12 Fruity Teacakes. As always, they should be of identical sizes and shapes. And whatever the bakers’ choice of fruits are, they should be evenly distributed in each teacake.

However, this proves to be least of their worry, as the most crucial step is to prove their dough for long and well enough, so that they won’t be serving raw or overbaked doughs to the judges!

Yan’s Masala Chai Spiced Teacakes are slightly doughy, but definitely impress Paul and Prue with the exciting flavours (cardomom, chilli, cumin) in the accompanying chutneys.

Technical Challenge

Great British Bake Off Week 3For the second challenge, Paul wants the bakers to make a Cottage Loaf. Apart from Flo and Stacey, no one has made this traditional English bread skilfully made up of two layers before.

After a lot of kneading, proving and waiting, some bakers including Yan manage to present something that closely resembles a Cottage Loaf, while others like Kate and James lose all control of their doughs.

Yan places eighth, while Stacey comes first with a crusty and well-shaped Cottage Loaf.


To find the bread king/queen from the 10 bakers, the judges decide they want to see a coloured bread sculpture using natural ingredients.

Yan hopes to wow the judges with her Basil the Vegetarian Dragon & his Pumpkin Hoard. A dragon-shaped bread made with basil and spinach sits atop a garlic-flavoured foccacia bread. It is also beautifully decorated with ‘wild mushrooms’ and ‘pumpkin’.

Flavours are undoubtedly her strong suit. The judges enjoy the design of her showstopper, too.

Great British Bake Off Week 3Star Baker belongs to Julia with Snail under a Mushroom. Other highlight bakes include Tom’s Rose Centrepiece and two-timer Star Baker Steven’s meticulously-designed and flavourful handbag.

Great British Bake Off Week 3

Leaving the white tent in Week 3 is the lovely Flo, whose ambition and optimism will be dearly missed.

The next episode of the Great British Bake Off will air at 8pm on 19th September on Channel 4.