Yan’s Caramel Indulgence in Great British Bake Off 2017

Great British Bake Off Week 4

Signature Challenge

The fourth week of the Great British Bake Off 2017 welcomes the first ever Caramel Week. To mark this special GBBO moment, the judges challenge the remaining nine bakers to make 18 millionaire’s shortbread.

Yan gives the classic bake a ginger and nut twist, topped with a royal touch using gold dusting to create the Queen’s head. As always, she hits the sweet spot with her creative flavours, but disappoints with the texture required for each of the three layers in the shortbread.

Kate, a quirky and brilliant baker from Merseywide, stuns with her Salted Bay Caramel Millionaire’s Shortbread, which cleverly uses bay leaves to create an aromatic flavour.

Another highlight bake comes from 19-year-old Liam and his Tetris-themed shortbread, which earns him a handshake from Paul Hollywood!

Technical Challenge

Great British Bake Off Week 4Just as the bakers regroup themselves and hopes to master the art of making caramel in the next challenge, Prue sends them into a meltdown by asking them to make 12 Stroopwafels – a much more commonly eaten sweet treat in the Netherlands than Britain!

With only a basic recipe and less than two hours to bake these unusual caramel waffles, the bakers give it their best shot and hope for the best.

Surprisingly, all of our bakers are far from mastering the art of making a silky smooth caramel, not even this round’s winner Stacey. Yan places eighth unfortunately, and must pull out all the stops for her caramel showstopper.


The ambitious British Chinese baker presents her Animals of Rainforest Caramel Cake, made up of a cocoa and orange-flavoured sponge filled with orange curd for icing, complete with a caramel waterfall, praline forest floor, and honeycomb rocks.

Though slightly overbaked, both Paul and Prue praise the originality and visually striking presentation of her showstopper.

Great British Bake Off Week 4

Star Baker belongs to Kate, whose Sticky Toffee Apple Caramel Cake is a firm favourite of her family on Bonfire Night, and is now a sensational hit on GBBO.

Leaving the white tent in Week 4 is Tom, who suffers a bad start at the Signature Challenge when he hasn’t left enough time to finish cutting the shortbread into 18 pieces. He also misjudges the proportions of his ingredients for his showstopper caramel cake.

Great British Bake Off Week 4

The next episode of the Great British Bake Off will air at 8pm on 26th September on Channel 4.


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