Jay Chou makes history with Now You See Me 2

Jay Chou makes history with Now You See Me 2

Taiwanese superstar and star of Now You See Me 2, Jay Chou, is the first Chinese artist to pen and perform music for a Hollywood film.

Simply titled ‘Now You See Me’, the upbeat track also marks the first time any Hollywood production features a Chinese-language song as its official theme song.

Although his vocals are also featured in Kungfu Panda 3’s ‘Try’, it is more a collaboration with Canadian-Taiwanese Patrick Brasca and contains more English lyrics.

Not only can Jay call ‘Now You See Me’ truly his own, he even takes over the director’s chair to create a dazzling music video for his second Hollywood venture.

Peppered with his signature style that fuses R&B, Hip-Hop and classical Chinese elements, this is the perfect song to introduce his musical genius to a global audience!

The song has been released as part of his latest and 14th album ‘Bedtime Stories’, and the video has already collected over 3 million views on YouTube!

Watch the video of ‘Now You See Me’ here:

Jay plays Li, a magic shop owner, in the Jon Chu-directed Now You See Me 2 – a sequel to 2013’s Now You See Me.

This is his second acting role in Hollywood and gladly, one that yields more commercial and critical success than his debut as Kato in Green Hornet (2011).

It helps that the 37-year-old singer-songwriter gets to share the silver screen with A-listers and Oscar nominees Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Eisenberg.

The calibre of his other cast members – Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and the refreshing Daniel Redcliffe – is also a big step-up from that in the lacklustre revival of the 1960s TV series.

This will undoubtedly open many more doors for him in Hollywood and beyond.

Despite some criticism of a flaky storyline, the crime thriller has grossed over US$238 million worldwide to date, against a budget of $90 million.

In fact, the stylishly-shot film has raked in $94m in China alone, reportedly a staggering 679 per cent up from the first installment. Looks like Lionsgate have Jay to thank for that!

A third installment is already in the works. Will Jay, who has a real life passion for playing magic tricks and unparalleled star power across Asia, reprise his role?


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