Wedding: The Venue – Gold Coast Hotel ♥ 婚禮: 場地 – 黃金海岸酒店

Gold Coast Hotel is our final choice of venue for our wedding banquet. It may not be the swankiest or newest spot in the city, but  it has a special meaning for me and my family – and now for me and my husband, too.

Growing up, it used be a favourite weekend gathering place of ours – delicious buffet by the poolside, spacious environment (that is considered luxury in a place like Hong Kong) and excellent service.

I haven’t visited it for many years. But returning now to check out its wedding facilities, all sorts of familiar emotions and smells come rushing back.

Wedding: The Venue - Gold Coast HoteOne very big reason we decide to go for Gold Coast Hotel, despite its out-of-town location, is its beautiful garden.

Of course, our wedding banquet is not held outdoor. The garden appeals to us because it means we can take pre-wedding photographs in our wedding attire on the same day.

Generally, these are taken weeks or even months before the actual wedding, with a separate set of gowns and suits hired just for this occassion.

As neither of us is based there and we only have less than two weeks before the banquet, what Gold Coast Hotel offers is simply perfect for what we need.

Wedding: The Venue - Gold Coast Hote


Price – $9,388-11,388 (£797-967) per table of 10-12 persons

Location – tranquil and breezy, by the sea

Travel – away from the city, but free shuttle bus service can be arranged to your set destinations in the city to pick up or drop off guests

Venue – high ceiling, flexibility with ballroom size or usage, very spacious (even when filled with 20 round tables)

Parking – 4 spaces

Decoration – centrepiece included, good-sized stage, elegant chandeliers and staircase

Wedding Cake – 6 pounds

Food – high standard and hotel quality


Location – slightly out of town, as it cannot be reached via MTR

I know it looks very biased that I can only come up with one bad point about it, but in all honesty, the staff have delivered a top notch service from our very first meeting to when we pack up after our overnight stay in the honeymoon suite.

You may say I’m easy to please. Perhaps consider this – guests of all ages and demands and preferences absolutely enjoy the night to its fullest, including my grandmother who can be very (constructively) critical at times!

Gold Coast Hotel’s thoughtful service, attention to detail and professionalism have truly given us, and our guests, a day to remember for many years to come.

Wedding: The Venue - Gold Coast Hote

Looking back, we could’ve easily fallen for the most glitzy and grandiose venue (Hong Kong salespeople are scarily good at convincing you that their venue is essential for your lifetime of happiness).

At the end, I am just so grateful that all my family and friends are present and well and had a good time – and Gold Coast Hotel plays a very big part in making that happen by putting a little personal touch on it.

I am also super glad that John Legend has written this absolutely angelic tune in the same year to make it a breeze for us to choose our march-in song:


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