Not Just Another Chinese City – please help our umbrella revolution!

One weekend after my brother’s wedding came one of the darkest weekends in Hong Kong.

Students protest peacefully. Riot police attack brutally. The government lies, distorts and accuses continuously.

Global Times
A peaceful crowd armed only with umbrellas to protect themselves from teargas. Photo credit: Global Times

There are not enough words to express how I feel. I am proud of the students’ bravery. I am touched by the minivan drivers’ kindness. I am surprised by my own city’s perseverance for what many would call a lost cause.

Not a single rock was thrown. Not a single shop was vandalised. The protesters even cleaned up after themselves.

Civil obedience. Photo credit: Jacky Wong for Wall Street Journal

I may be far from home, but emotions are high. I can only imagine the passion that fills the streets and alleys of Hong Kong.

Forum Sherdog
Not a lost cause. Photo credit: Forum Sherdog

As much as it pains my heart and soul to watch the cruelty and injustice happening back home, I believe in having a free voice and fighting for what is right – whether it leads to triumph or not.

The world is watching, listening and talking about our fight for democracy. Please support us if you can or spread the word so Hong Kong does not get buried and cemented as just another Chinese city without her rightful liberal rights.

SCMP_international media
Photo credit: SCMP

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