It has been a while since I last posted and the motivation is clear in the title – I simply feel overjoyed today and want to share my happiness with you!

I have been planning for my wedding banquet for months and it was especially intense in the last few months, largely because the banquet is taking place in Hong Kong and I am commanding from the UK! Other than acting like a bride-zilla sometimes, I have also become an expert in distant-wedding planning and would love to help anyone in need. Today, for the first time in months, I can honestly say everything is in a good place and that I can…BREATHE! I have thus far enjoyed every part of it from choosing the venue to our logo design. And most of all, putting together the music playlist as music is very close to my heart and is the reason I started this blog.

I have also been reminded today in 1998 is the day NBA legend Michael Jordan made his last shot which won the Chicago Bulls their 6th championship. Despite my lack of interest and effort in playing any sports, there are a few sportsmen who have won over my absolute admiration and highest regard, with MJ being one of them. I was only a young teenager during his prime and was impressed by his determination and on-court magic. I was lucky to have my younger brother to share this enthusiasm with and I am lucky to still have him to reminisce this special moment with.

Of course, the lyrics of “Overjoyed” by the great Stevie Wonder are more focused on romantic love than what I’m feeling now. Nevertheless, I do feel overjoyed and I do love this song, and I love also this live recording by Brian McKnight. Enjoy, my fellow buds!


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