Creative Music

It’s been a month since starting my new job as a marketing intern for Didlr – a brilliantly simple and mind-blowing social drawing app. Everything about my freelance life cannot be more different from my previous life as a small potato in a big, corporate world. Bye bye following orders, listening to bullshit, and those nasty 7am start on Mondays. Hello creating projects, searching for inspirations, and free working hours.

My music taste has changed accordingly too. Instead of mindless pop and mid-tempo tracks, my playlists now is populated with jazz, funk, soul and instrumental music, which helps set my mind open, free and relaxed. This provides the ideal backdrop for my line of work which requires absolute creativity, imagination, courage and self-motivation – what wacky ideas do I need to promote an app (among the millions out there) at the lowest cost possible? What interesting things do people want to see on Facebook and Twitter today? How do I get the attention of the brands and press?

Now it’s time to share with you (link below) one of my newly-found jewels 🙂


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