Chapter 4, Page 1

Chapter 1 – This wonderful world and my loving family welcomed me with both arms. Then I met more good people some of whom have become my friends for life. I also got pretty good at playing music.

Chapter 2 – A foreign country also gave me a warm welcome and I met some more good people one of whom turned out to be the love of my life. I also truly lived the British student life of partying, procrastinating and shopping at discounters.

Chapter 3 – My first full-time job had a promising outlook but that’s all it is for the next 3 ½ years.  I learned everything the hard way and my self-esteem had been stomped on more than I can remember, so I became wiser and tougher, but my development was static.

Chapter 4 – Today is page one.

It’s the day I embark on a new career path as a freelance marketer for an exciting start-up company. It’s the day I dedicate better focus in teaching piano and aim to gain qualification. It’s the day I live a healthier lifestyle by doing exercise and reading what’s good for the mind, as well as some entertaining junk!

Most importantly, today is the day I am free and can be my invincible self again, ready to fill this chapter with a roller-coaster ride glittered with new knowledge and simple joys.


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