New Year, New Me

Every year, I use the beginning of a new year as my motivation to do better things, be a better person and achieve more in life. But it never turns out to be a force strong enough to propel me to fulfil my mildly ambitious goals.

This year, seeing as I am anticipating big changes in my career (with any luck, I will be working for myself in 8 weeks’ time) and having to plan a wedding banquet, I figure 2014 would be a fresh start for me and provide the best setting to jump-start my motivation, which is almost demolished by my day job.

1. Keeping a diary. I used to write one when I was young and it is a good exercise to polish my writing and to record my thought process. And it is fun to look back and read through some cringe-worthy stuff that runs through my mind!

2. Reading the Bible. I was inspired by a friend’s behaviour and approach to life a few years ago. She even gave me her Bible which I had shamefully packed away at the bottom of many boxes. I was inspired again recently by a friend’s decision to convert to Buddhism. Perhaps I could use some wisdom to guide my new adventure in life.

3. Listen to good music. 2013 was probably the first time in my life when I fail to discover new and quality music. I still listened to music but it would often be what was already on my laptop and definitely a lot of over-listening to one artist or album…shame on me! I am sure this will be rectified between using Spotify and my students’ song requests.

This track by the King of Pop is the perfect soundtrack for the beginning of my 2014. Reflect, make small changes within yourself and create positive impact on people around you.


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