You Are My Religion

I am not a follower of any faith, but it would be hard not to be influenced by the Christian and Catholic teaching and references at school. I do not go to the church on Sundays and I do not pray unless I am desperate, but my appreciation of the Faith at times helps me find truth and guidance in life. I guess that makes me religious to some extent.

The Faith means something different to everyone. To me, it is a place that I turn to for strength. Life is full of challenges and we need strength to stumble through and carry on. You need it even more if you live away from home and your closest family and friends. Together with music, the Faith has provided me the power to swim through the deep ends and come out stronger. Where music allows me to channel my ups and downs, religion guides me towards the right direction when I am at a crossroad and reminds me what really matters in life when my vision narrows.

This song is obviously written about God, but it is equally relevant for any non-believers as it is essentially expressing gratitude towards people or things that have been there for you in the hour of need, and continue to love and support you unconditionally. On this note, I would like to dedicate this song to all my family and a handful of close friends. You are irreplaceable and you are my religion.


2 thoughts on “You Are My Religion

    1. People usually turn to faith during troubled times but it is just as relevant during the good times, teaching us how to appreciate our blessings and stay humble. I agree it’s actually a personal relationship with Jesus that unique to each of us. We all have different experiences in life so no experience is ever the same. I think that is why going to church gathering really open your mind as you meet all sorts of people and collect so much positive energy and inspiration from them.

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