Autumn Leaves

This Autumn has a funny way of announcing its arrival. Instead of gently easing itself in like it always does, it has brought pouring rain and what feels like arctic wind for the past couple of weeks. This may be a slight exaggeration given my body is more used to tropical weather, but that sudden temperature drop was evident as everyone started wearing jumpers and talked about bringing out their winter wardrobe.

It is actually today that marks the beginning of Autumn in the northern hemisphere – the Autumn Equinox. It feels warmer again and the soft rays of sunshine on yellow leaves make a beautiful sight. There is something very comforting about this season and the only thing missing from the picture is someone playing an acoustic guitar.

Maybe a little help from Colbie Caillat? The folksy sound of her debut single “Fallin’ For You” paints my perfect picture of Autumn. The layers of acoustic guitar and the sweet vulnerability of her voice tell the story of a girl falling for her friend and afraid to tell him. She sings about the feeling of complete bliss and fright in a young and budding love.

The guitar-based original has a strong country sound, while this live version with the string orchestra did a great job in emphasising the harmonies.


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