Happy 20th, BSB!

Almost no boybands have ever had a successful comeback. (Ok, maybe Take That) They have one chance to make it and one peak in their career. Then, the novelty wears off.

Nevertheless, they always bring back some very personal and interesting memories, as it represents the most carefree time of our lives (hence the time to collect numerous posters and magazine spreads) and the cutest obsession with our own favourite member of the band (such as adding his last name to your first name). Oh, the privilege of being a teenage girl.

Seeing as it is my all-time favourite boyband Backstreet Boys’ 20th anniversary, I took a trip down memory lane with the help of YouTube, and it was a one-way street. I felt like a teenager again watching non-stop all their music videos and live performances. Not only do their 90s hits sound neither dated nor cheesy, they still sound great to this day! Brian can still deliver these high notes as spot-on as ever and AJ never lost his swagger. Take note, One Direction and The Wanted.

Now here’s an unreleased song that is one of my personal favourites. Enjoy the smooth and sweet sound of Brian!


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