The Hopeful Romantic

With the scorching heat slowly making its way for summer breeze, my ears seek to hear something different to the energy and playfulness of “Blurred Lines” that continues to gain radio airplay.

“Mona Lisa” is the perfect choice, and is more representative of Robin Thicke’s musical style. As much as I adore “Blurred Lines”, it is a small departure from the smooth and sensual persona that captivated me in his previous records.

Every stroke I make is a stroke on your body / Run my mind through your hair, it’s only you I see

It’s sexy – the mesmerising falsetto is perfectly delivered. The exotic rhythm of rosewood claves and maracas serve to add some Latin flavour.  The laid-back tempo evokes the intimacy of holding hands with your lover, taking a stroll on the beach at sunset, all the while taken in by the sound of the glistening ocean.

So I’m back in my room / Yesterday’s ended too soon, way too soon

It’s sweet – the first date could not have gone any better. He is crazy about her. He cannot wait to be with her again. He is loving the chase and full of hope. He wants to do everything right by her. Because she is his Mona Lisa.

P.S. The real identity of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is close to being revealed as Italian scientists study DNA found in a tomb in Florence that is believed to belong to the family of Mona Lisa. I wonder if the world will still be mystified by her smile if there was no mystery?


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