A Piano Affair

Music-wise, life cannot be better right now.

With my Kawai 15 being delivered today, I am ready to tinkle the ivories again and embark on a journey of sharing the gift of music with my prospective pupils with obvious or undiscovered potential. With an aim to drive a thriving business, of course!

Slight disappointment at Maroon 5 for delaying last month’s concert to next January. But it turns out to be a blessing in disguise because the new line-up now features the Canadian soulman with the biggest hit year/career-to-date…Robin Thicke!

Since there are Blurred Lines everywhere these days, I decide to go through my CD collections and dig out some good old Maroon 5. They say musicians get better with each album, but my favourite remains their début “Songs About Jane”. They also say “Harder To Breathe” is the best track, but “Sunday Morning” does more to capture my imagination.

Believed to be the deal-sealer for the LA band with Octone Records, “Sunday Morning” is introduced by a laid-back piano and laden with a jazzy drum line and sensual lyrics. Expect to find yourself chilling with a cuppa to Levine’s caressing voice as the song kicks in, and playing air drums/guitar to the bridge and feeling energised as the song ends on a Sunday morning!



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